Volunteers repaint and repair Robe's St Peters church

Painting and landscape volunteers have started repairing and repainting the historic St Peters church in Robe.

Barbra Powell of the church committee suggested during a meeting that they should do something to repair the building. Mrs Powell suggested they repaint the porch at the entrance, making the church look more welcoming in the hope of attracting more people to attend on Sundays.

“We’ve got a big wedding coming up so the committee agreed that we should get two quotes,” Barbra said. “I contacted Jason Pettit and Andrew Tait to meet me at the church to give me a quote, to which they did.”

To Barbra’s surprise, painter Jason and landscaper Andrew decided not to charge, volunteering their services to repair the church. She was thrilled that they would donate their time and effort.

“I nearly fell over backwards because I was not expecting that,” she said. “I asked ‘what about the paint?’ and Jason replied with ‘Mr Dulux can come to the party too!’

Robe residents Jason, Andrew and Linda Tait, Brendan Brookes, Trevor Lehmann and John Fenton will be all working together to repaint and repair the church.

Barbra is hoping they will be able to continue to repair the rest of the church, with the first phase a great start.

Barbra said the church hoped to hold a ceremony to celebrate the men’s hard work in repairing and repainting the building.

She also gave a little back story as to what had motivated and inspired Jason to donate his services to the great cause.

“Jack Dening was an old resident in Robe and he died a couple of months ago,” she said. “Jason was at his funeral and one of the eulogies read that Jack and a band of volunteers got together and painted the whole of the church.

“Jason said to me that he was so inspired by that and he said to me ‘If Jack could do that, then so could we!”