Horoscopes: week beginning May 6, 2018

ARIES: Someone casts the seeds of doubt in your mind during May 7-9: you seem to be left wondering over a financial or moral issue. Play it safe with money and unethical situations. The flowering of financial prosperity begins with good support and the appropriate investments in property or the potential for such. You hold both of these prerequisites during May 8-10.

TAURUS: Social activities are likely to prove disappointing during May 7-9, as a cloud of uncertainty falls over a friend, friendship or goal. An issue of responsibility is at the root of this situation. However, May 8-10 are also days as you come into contact with a wide variety of people, each with an interesting story. These are great days for negotiations, contractual matters, money and travel.

GEMINI: Extremely creative influences in your life are wonderful for such interests as photography, art, music, dancing, etcetera during May 7-9. Question is, how do you make career path? You have fabulous stars for work and career during May 8-10, ensuring that up the career ladder or landing that great job. These are wonderful stars for advancement up the career ladder or landing that great job.

CANCER: Philanthropic interests are aroused during May 7-9 as human-interest stories generate compassion. You may well feel inadequate in your ability to make a difference. The current stellar trends are likely to see the expansion of Cancerian families, celebrations around an impending marriage or engagement, as well as opportunities for memorable holidays.

LEO: Confusing news is likely to reach Leonine ears during May 7-9, promoting cause for concern over your financial situation. It is difficult to deal with this situation as matters are indefinite. Your home, garden and family are prospering under the benefic influences of Jupiter during May 8-10. In all associated events and developments, you take great delight.

VIRGO: Romantic influences that are operational during May 7-9 seem somewhat unreal or lacking in some way: many will feel that someone is not being genuine. Things with wheels and numbers interest you most these days, particularly cars and modern gadgetry such as mobile phones. There seems to be a purchase pending during May 8-10.

LIBRA: It may be difficult to trace the origin of health problems that arise during May 7-9. Librans may also be unclear on some aspect of their work, ensuring not much is accomplished. It’s nice to sit back and watch your personal money tree flower profusely, as you’ll be doing during May 8-10. You have plans to utilise these resources at your disposal, there as a result of your own efforts.

SCORPIO: There seems to be some dubious influences around a child that cause concern for Scorpio parents during May 7-9. You’ll need to investigate these matters. With life being so good to you, it is hard to keep your expectations in check. You have an opportunity to enjoy life and battle the bulge during May 8-10, with activities that are totally beneficial.

SAGITTARIUS: There are less than satisfactory conditions affecting your home, property or family member during May 7-9; due to some unacceptable exterior influence. Distant horizons are alluring to Sagittarians, more so than usual during May 8-10. You have a fascination for unknown places and unexplored areas, propelled by a desire to be free.

CAPRICORN: Capricorn natives need to choose their words carefully during May 7-9. You might hold the right sentiments but can be easily be misunderstood. Your dreams are only limited by your imagination at the moment but, at times, you wonder whether you can ever accomplish them. May 8-10 brings positive answers in this regard.

AQUARIUS: Money seems to vaporise during May 7-9, perhaps because you’re not conscious of your spending actions. Money spent on family, food, and domestic products tend to fritter away resources. With the amount of effort you are investing into the fundamentals of your work, you cannot help but succeed. May 8-10 witnesses culminating efforts on a career path.

PISCES: Pisceans tend to be disoriented or confused about some aspect of their life during May 7-9. Perhaps you are being overly sensitive to a casual comment. With the aid of benefic trends during May 8-10, Pisceans can go far, whether you are planning travel, studying, or have legal issues before you. You’ll relish anything you do then.

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