Horoscopes: week beginning May 13, 2018

ARIES: The coming years will require Arians to be more flexible and innovative in earning their income, such as through contractual or part-time work. Restlessness and ambition shapes your attitude towards income, contributing to the character of your working life, so this type of work is essential to achieving your goals. A taste of things to come is experienced during May 15 to November 7.

TAURUS: Taurus natives are growing restless about the direction in which their life will travel as finally, after many years of frustration, things are starting to happen. The pace of life picks up quickly but don’t be too impatient and try not to be impulsive during May 15 to November 7. It is worth taking the time to make informed decisions.

GEMINI: The lure of unknown, mysterious and distant places captures Gemini’s imagination over a number of years now, but especially during May 15 to November 7. You’re no longer satisfied with the usual social activities and will want to explore. However, this may be well and good but you should be cautious about risky activities as it is likely to have unexpected consequences.

CANCER: Cancer is at the beginning of a journey that will span a number of years, during which you’ll need to make the right choices about important life issues or financial matters. You need to take care in these decisions and not take ill-considered paths – not everything will go as planned as you strive for your ambitions. Friendships tend to be less reliable or unusual.

LEO: Encounters with different and unusual people will shape your life and career over a number of years. This can at times be exciting, unsettling, or risky, but Leonine characters are geared for change. Many of these associations will be fleeting and partnerships will certainly require a great deal of independence to be functional. Be adaptable and innovative to achieve success.

VIRGO: The next few years will bring opportunities for Virgo to study or train in an area they find exciting and rewarding. This will be interspersed with trips abroad, perhaps for health or work reasons. Health certainly seems to benefit from travel, but you will also have access to excellent professional advice and treatment that will improve your well-being.

LIBRA: Librans’ desire to enjoy life needs to be tempered with caution about the choices they make over the coming few years. There may well be undesired and unexpected consequences to exciting recreational interests, such as losses from gambling or romantic interests. Children of Libran parents may also cause their parents anxiety due to their increasing independence.

SCORPIO: The coming few years bring the need for more independence in partnerships and marriage. This may be for many reasons, including necessities for some in living apart due to different career paths, or the realities of accommodation and family needs. For these relationships to thrive there needs to be an acceptance of the state of affairs and a willingness to be adaptable.

SAGITTARIUS: The nature of your work is changing, in that it is becoming more fast-paced, changeable, and unreliable. For many this may mean having multiple part-time jobs, or doing temp or contractual work. This is likely to suit many Sagittarian natives as it will fit in better with their objectives, or because they are restless and will want to vary their daily routine.

CAPRICORN: Capricorn people are developing a zest for life during the coming years, which means doing more of the things that bring them pleasure, such as developing a personal talent, spending time with their kids, or engaging in romantic pursuits. Financially, life seems to accommodate you and assist you in these interests.

AQUARIUS: Aquarian natives are directing more of their personal energies into their home over the coming few years, making it a vibrant and exciting place to be. You will certainly be making changes here to suit your personality and lifestyle but not be satisfied with things always staying the same. This likely means relocation, redecorating, and constant activity.

PISCES: Daily life is becoming more varied over the coming few years for Piscean people, and at the same time more busy as you strive to keep up with the changes. This may be problematic at times, particularly if you are in a rush or not fully informed of what’s happening around you. Try to keep abreast of information and planning flexibility into your schedules.

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