Horoscopes: week beginning May 20, 2018

ARIES: May 18 to June 3 is a great time to get away from the rat race and meditate on your personal problems or simply attune yourself to the ebb and flow of life again. In so doing, there is much to be gained as a clearer perspective is certain to assist you through your problems. May 22-24; June 1-3 highlight the potential of these trends.

TAURUS: Between May 18 and June 3, Taurean dreams are greatly stimulated and ambitious goals are within your grasp: it is simply a matter of application to ensure success. The people with whom you associate are more spiritually inclined and altruistic, reflecting similar humanistic attitudes within yourself. New goals are likely to be formulated in the spirit of things.

GEMINI: You have a wonderful opportunity to express your creative abilities on your career path during May 18 to June 3, something that will prove to be most rewarding, especially on May 22-24; June 1-3. More harmonious relationships with a parent, employer and authority figures are indicated, winning you favours and concessions.

CANCER: Cancerians are developing a more philosophical attitude for life these days, and this is a trend which is strongly accentuated during May 18 to June 3. Some will become interested in such subjects at educational institutions, whilst others will want to experience it through religion, travel or mysticism. Expect interests to be stimulated on May 22-24; June 1-3.

LEO: You seem to possess a well-developed money sense during May 18 to June 3 and should thus handle these matters well. You may generally need to be a little more careful in your assessment of a situation, but May 22-24; June 1-3 contains no such proviso. Expect financial interests to flourish under these expansive trends, including the broadening of access to financial resources.

VIRGO: May 18 to June 3 is a time when many Virgoan individuals will experience a strong soul union with someone special, particularly on May 22-24; June 1-3. It makes for wonderful romance and strengthens existing relationships, or assists in offering a new experience to those primed for Cupid’s arrow. Despite these feelings you do need to be realistic.

LIBRA: May 18 to June 3 offers much in the way of better health and working conditions to the point that experiences seem surreal. You appreciate the needs of others and find it easier to give of yourself freely, especially on May 22-24; June 1-3. Rewards will be measured in creative output, better health, and harmonious relationships.

SCORPIO: The couple of weeks from May 18 offers Scorpio individuals the opportunity to do something worthwhile for a child. A romantic mood and atmosphere enhances existing relationships during this period or brings someone special into the lives of Scorpios who are ready for a new love relationship. Delightful experiences are encountered on May 22-24; June 1-3.

SAGITTARIUS: There are more harmonious influences infiltrating the home during May 18 to June 3, which also sees roomier and more comfortable living conditions develop. Family members prove to be helpful during this stage, and many will entertain welcome visitors in the pleasant atmosphere of home. Trends are most active on May 22-24; June 1-3.

CAPRICORN: Your sixth sense is functioning extremely well during May 18 to June 3, enabling you to plan well and discern truth from fallacy, especially on May 22-24; June 1-3. Improved relationships with a spouse, partner, siblings, and neighbours are all indicated, creating a delightful atmosphere that becomes a regular feature of your daily life.

AQUARIUS: You need to trust your instincts when it comes to financial matters during May 18 to June 3, especially on May 22-24; June 1-3, as you will be fairly good in your assessment of situations. This is an appropriate time to apply for jobs if you are in the offing for one, or to reap excellent financial dividends in your current position. A creative flair assists at this time.

PISCES: Pisces is in a strongly intuitive state during May 22-24; June 1-3, providing a positive guiding influence, perhaps through dreams. This same trend is also wonderful for creative activities, with your endeavours inspired from this ethereal connection you have with the world. Romance, children, and good fortune light up your life.

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