Robe Caledonian Inn hosts CanTeen charity fundraiser

The 2018 Road Raise ride by CanTeen stopped overnight in Robe last month, holding a charity fundraiser that night at the Caledonian Inn.

Cally owners Geoff and Holly Prest reflected on the success of the fundraiser with the Leader, describing how interesting the speakers who rode with CanTeen through Robe were.

“We raised about $12,500 and about 52 people rocked up in our upstairs room,” Geoff said.

Geoff reflected on the 30 riders who came through, touching on those who spoke about their experiences, inspiring those who attended the fundraiser.

“We did it last year and it worked really well, they have sort of made this their main function venue for raising money,” Geoff said. “Michael Wilson had a son who was diagnosed with brain cancer and he is supposedly going okay now.

“Michael was awesome, probably the best speaker of the night, he was fantastic he came across as a really decent human being and a ripper bloke and it was a fantastic night. Very entertaining.” 

Geoff reflected on how he made a few changes in organising the event this year with CanTeen, improving the fundraising event as a whole.

“Last year various people donated stuff. This year I just thought the easiest way to guarantee that this will make some reasonable money is if we got in contact with all the suppliers for the wine list here and the beer companies.

“I just rang them all up and i said ‘Look, do you want to donate something? We’re having this function raising money for kids cancer, if you donate something, instead of us paying for a product you donate, we’ll just give the money straight to CanTeen.’

“Literally everyone involved that has something on the wine list donated. They were fantastic.”

Geoff mentioned that about $4500 was donated by beer and wine companies.

“The charity CanTeen had some items. We raised about $5000 ourselves. They had a signed Port Power Guernsey that Michael Wilson got framed and a box at Adelaide Oval for the Big Bash for 18 people, that raised about $7500 as well as some other sale items. So it was about $12,500 altogether that we raised.”

Geoff added that David from the Watermark Hotel was MC and he was fantastic. 

“Last year they said it was the best night of their whole ride and they just wanted to basically do it here every year but I suspect next year we might have to go to somewhere where it’s a bit bigger, we just can’t fit any more than 50 and there is always 30 of them.”

Geoff and Holly said they haven’t got any more fundraising planned, although they will continue to sponsor various local organisations including the sporting clubs and primary school.

“I was keen to make it a bigger event and we were sort of organised with Sally at the golf club, but CanTeen really wanted to keep it here because it was so successful last year, and it was it was great so we jammed 60 people in,” Holly said. “If we opened it up more to the town it would be great.”