Horoscopes: week beginning June 3, 2018

ARIES: It is impossible for Aries to be dispassionate about something that arises during June 5-7 because your feelings run deep on this one. Your image or career is involved. Some of you will be travelling to assist a friend or relative who is not feeling the best during Tuesday through Thursday, whilst others will travel in connection with work.

TAURUS: The differences of opinion and position are unlikely to be easily resolved during June 5-7. Someone else believes that might is right and is hell-bent on changing your mind. There seems to be a bit of paperwork connected to your monetary affairs during Tuesday through to Thursday. Some of you will have discussions over ethical issues too.

GEMINI: The contentions that arise during June 5-7 are all about money and ethics, matters close to the hearts of those involved: could be a bitter and difficult fight. There are many personal and domestic matters, which require your attendance throughout Tuesday through to Thursday. Much personal effort is invested in planning and implementation then.

CANCER: Someone is pulling heavily on those heart strings as Cancer is manipulated by a deft practitioner during June 5-7. You do need your own space and to do things you enjoy doing. It is probably better that you keep your thoughts to yourself during Tuesday through Thursday. Private studies and research work will benefit from your efforts.

LEO: The atmosphere is emotionally charged, both at work and home, as you struggle to get through your list of tasks on June 5-7. Intensity of purpose is obvious and draining. You will have no time to be lonely during Tuesday through Thursday as it seems the whole world is knocking at your door. There could be pleasant news about money too.

VIRGO: Virgo is so emotionally wrapped up in a situation that it dominates every little detail of each day involved in this scenario. At the moment, the trend runs during June 5-7. Important news is likely to come your way during Tuesday through to Thursday that has some impact on your life. Such news is likely to involve your career or a parent.

LIBRA: Librans need to relinquish some aspect of their past but will have difficulty in doing so during June 5-7. This is because you have loved or love something passionately. The exchange of ideas will provide for a most interesting time during Tuesday through to Thursday, although some of it will not be to your liking. Remain flexible in your attitudes.

SCORPIO: Emotions run deep and cloud reason during June 5-7, purely because you are connected to the object of your passion so deeply; you need to step back from a situation. Tuesday through Thursday is an excellent time for all forms of communication and planning to do with money. News involving a friend will cause you to reflect on life.

SAGITTARIUS: A love of money tends to distort your perspective when it comes to the financial arrangements in your life during June 5-7. Some responsibilities must be met and cannot be foregone. Communications will be a particularly important feature during Tuesday through to Thursday. Perhaps there is a call, letter or important piece of information, upon which you have been waiting.

CAPRICORN: A quest in your life takes on personal hues during June 5-7, perhaps as opposition spurs your determination to achieve your ends, regardless of the consequences. Tuesday through to Thursday will be a busy time for working Capricorn natives as you strive to meet schedules. Overseas calls or expert advice should be featured amongst the days’ events.

AQUARIUS: June 5-7 is a time for loving your problems if you want to overcome them. Just don’t become so obsessed with them that you can’t think of anything else: not good for your health. Youngsters, recreational interests and love will keep Aquarian minds busy during Tuesday through Thursday. There could also be a return on speculative interests.

PISCES: The obsessive-compulsive tendencies that are operating during June 5-7 take you upon a path of achievement. You won’t be able to think of anything else then but a particular goal. Tuesday through to Thursday should be a fairly significant time for those Pisceans purchasing property or who are on the move to new premises, as related contractual matters and travel are highlighted.

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