Meet Max Crosgrove, the lad behind the cheanie

MOST 10-year-olds are busy showing off their latest fidget-spinners, not running two businesses.

But Max Crosgrove isn’t your average tween – he’s an entrepreneur selling chooks, two chicken-products, mangoes and a mango product.

One of his businesses, Max’s Chickens has just seen a boom in popularity thanks to his latest product – Cheanies.

Since debuting the product on his Facebook page in early May – the beanies for chickens have taken off.

“Mum (Belinda) and I thought it would be a bit of fun and posted it on Facebook and we’ve had a lot of views and sales,” Max said.

They’ve since had 60 to 100 sales of the Cheanies. 

He said his Nan, Ann, and great aunt, Lorraine, both do the knitting for the beanies. Max has made the wise business decision to pay his Nan in kisses and cuddles, but has to pay his great aunt for her work.

Max has been breeding chickens for three years and has more than 100 birds of various different breeds.

He said his favourite were Wyandottes because of their nice feathers and “they look good”.

He broke the record at his local show near Mount Larcom, Queensland, for selling the most birds during the course of the show, with 80 sold.

Max also sells chicken feeders and has a second business Max’s Choice were he sells mangoes and mango picking sticks.