Robert Roach to run stone carving workshops

Robert Roach will be running stone carving workshops throughout the long weekend on Flint Street in Robe, starting on Saturday morning right through to Monday afternoon.

Robert told the Leader that he will be running the workshops to suit people of all ages, and will also be selling some of the carvings during the workshops. 

“We’ve got a bit of wood work for sale and if anyone wants something ordered, I’ll make something to order.”

Robert will be doing more mobile workshops in the future, as he is selling his property on Flint Street in Robe. 

“We’ll be going to schools and doing workshops with the students. Next month on the eighth we’ll be going to Kangaroo Inn, that’ll be the second time that we have been there.”

The month before, Robert travelled to Murray Bridge to work with an art group. In the future, Robert is aiming to do numerous mobile workshops.

“We’re definitely open for the crowd this weekend. With the stone carvings, we have some designs for the people. We allow them to do their own designs but we think it’s best if they use one of our designs to start.”

Robert gets his students to draw their design on a block of Mount Gambier stone, guiding them how to do it.

“In a period of two hours, they get to take their sculpture home made out of limestone from the Limestone Coast, then they can keep it in their garden for forever and a day. They last a long time.”

The students will be mainly using rubber mallets, wood chisels, sandpaper, rasps and files to create their art.

Robert will be ready to teach as well as sell his paintings, wood carvings and limestone work this weekend at 14 Flint Street. Call him on 0403 087 764 to make a booking.