Robe students participate in Lions Mad Minute

Robe Primary Year 4/5s competed in the Lions Mad Minute on Wednesday.

Kylie Johns’s students were called to the front of the class in front of three judges from the Robe Lions. After picking a question/topic from either the challenge bag or super challenge bag, students had one minute to talk about it.

Coming first for the day was Kaiden Carter, who spoke about the topic: if I had a million dollars. Kaiden went on to win the award for best gestures during his speech.

“If I had a million dollars, I would buy a mansion, Ferraris, Lamborghinis all that kind of stuff,” Kaiden said during his speech. “If I had a million dollars I would try and meet up with some of my favourite Youtubers, including Alex Hayes because he goes sky diving, swims a lot and is a good surfer.”

Emily Dew came second, after drawing the card: If I could spend the day with anyone.

“If I could spend the day with anyone it would be with my friends because they are really nice and they help me out.”

Third place went to Charlie Moore, who showed a lot of enthusiasm in his approach to talking about the topic of sport being more important than study, displaying two sides to that argument.

“When playing more sport you can become more coordinated, learn things and enjoy things. If you play football you can go around our league, hang out with your mates and meet new people,” Charlie said. “But on the other hand, study is really important too because if you don’t study you won’t learn anything and learning is pretty important.”

The category awards also went to some very worthy contenders, with the most humourous award going to Lexy Hayes who argued that giraffes are better than lions.

“Giraffes are better than lions because lions are dangerous, they can eat people and they can eat different people,” Lexy said. “Giraffes are a lot better because they have really long necks and they can see more than we can.”

Lexy also won the award for best opening, as she was loud and clear in her approach to introduce herself and her topic.

Jenna Turner was awarded best close, after talking about her topic: bus travel is better than car travel.

“Sometimes bus travel is better because I don’t like being in a crowded car so being alone on a bus is good sometimes,” Jenna finished.

Finally, Tyson Maczkowiack won most expressive after talking about his favourite day of the year which was Christmas, including some actions that showed how excited he would be if it were Christmas.

“My favourite day of the year is Christmas, I love waking up and seeing all these presents around the tree. We all scream ‘yay! It’s finally here!’ ripping everything open and screaming,” Tyson said with enthusiasm.

All the other students received awards from the judges for their participation and it was excellent to see all the kids have a go at public speaking in front of their peers, judges and teachers.