Robe District Council set to commence medical centre work

Robe District Council has reported that the major upgrade of the Robe Medical Centre is due to commence as soon as possible.

The facility will comprise of modern medical facilities once it is completed, benefiting the entire community. Council accepted the tender for the project during the monthly meeting on Tuesday June 12, submitted by Mossop Group Pty Ltd for $1,144,000.

The project will cost more than the council had originally estimated, but it said that the costs when amortised over the expected life of the facility are commensurate with the benefits that the community will receive in having an upgraded facility.

The upgraded medical facility will ensure that the new and existing building comply with the requirements at hand, regarding energy efficiency, public access and standards of building construction.

The main components of the upgrade will include:

  • An extension to the existing building to provide additional rooms for enhanced health services.
  • Complete renovation and fit out of the existing building including: upgrade of the waiting area and reception area, new entry with a canopy and ramp, new ambulance entry and canopy.
  • New septic tank for the whole site.
  • Fire separation and fire rating between the medical centre and the council office.
  • Air conditioning to meet compliance with the Building Code and Australian Standards with relation to fresh air components.

There will also be an upgrade of all electrical services, including to energy efficiency standards as well as a complete upgrade of hot water system and reticulation pipework, building code requirement for complete accessibility and provision of complete new roof structure including the subsequent need for new ceilings.

The medical practice has relocated to 20 Victoria Street while the upgrade work is being undertaken. Council is expecting the work to be finished by October.

Mayor Peter Riseley said: “I would like to thank Dr Senior and his staff  for their cooperation in relocating their practice, the Federal Government through our local member Tony Pasin for the Rural General Practice Grant of $275,000 and council staff especially Nick Brown who has worked tirelessly to make this project happen.”