Robe District Council CEO presented with appreciation of service

Robe District Council CEO Roger Sweetman was presented with an appreciation of service award for 42 years in local government at the June meeting.

Mr Sweetman has been working at Robe as the CEO since 2012, giving thanks and praising others following the presentation by Robe mayor Peter Riseley.

“I need to pay tribute to the elected members, it’s a thankless job being an elected member,” he said.

“I don’t know how many I’ve worked with over the last 42 years but you get some brilliant ones and some absolutely shocking ones. Majority are well-meaning people who are happy to give their time and effort for the better of their community.”

Mr Sweetman explained that elected members quite often don’t get enough credit for the time they put in, saying how he always takes his hat off to them.

“I’ll write a book when I eventually retire, because there have been some funny moments in local government,” he continued. 

Mr Sweetman mentioned that his work is always surprising him, and he has no intention of retiring just yet to write that book.