Horoscopes: week beginning June 24, 2018

ARIES: Your work will be far more pleasurable between June 29-25. Eligible Arians may be working with someone they love. You will also make more time to enjoy those little pleasures in life. Some Arians will start a new romance whilst others will be involved in a significant development around a child. Best days are August 8-10, 18-20, September 2-5.

TAURUS: The ten weeks from June 29 may highlight a speculative venture in real estate or busy domestic routines. Financial details require examination. For many a move is pending or the signing of a contract associated with a property. Involvement with immediate family members is high.

GEMINI: Family members could be visiting for a while in the ten weeks from June 29. At the very least, there is a greater involvement with them on a daily basis. Your schedules will be packed with many routine tasks and short trips during this time, keeping you on your toes. Highlights occur on August 8-10, 18-20, September 2-5.

CANCER: Problem shooting at a financial or ethical matter will reveal difficulties have a basis in routine management or communication between June 29 and September 6. However, this is an excellent time to initiate job applications or pay rises, even if the answers may not be forthcoming immediately.

LEO: The business of earning an income, associated financial matters, and a variety of social events will keep you much busier than usual in the ten weeks from June 29. Many Leos will also be contemplating a move during this period, requiring the usual expected organisation associated with such an event.

VIRGO: Between June 29-25, Virgo will be spending more time out of the public eye. There are basic problems associated with work or your personal life which require rectification. Your energy levels are also lower than usual and you need some breathing space. Trends are activated on June 30, July 1, 5, 6, 8-10, August 8-12, 18-20, 27-29, September 2-5.

LIBRA: Until September 6 you will have more than ample opportunity to broaden your social horizons. A special dream, educational or legal matter is also headed for success then. However, there are a few pitfalls along the way associated with flawed ambitions or dubious associations. Exercise caution on June 30, July 1, 5, 6, 8-10, August 11, 12, 27-29.

SCORPIO: Business matters, particularly associated with financial investments, will keep you on the move in the ten weeks from June 29. You are also associating with some fairly powerful individuals during this period, something which is likely to be advantageous for both parties. Best days are August 8-10, 18-20, September 2-5.

SAGITTARIUS: The humble telephone will play a far more important role in your life until September 6. This is more likely connected with a business matter or your partner's travels and relatives. There will also be plenty of travel, both long and short distance. Communications involving a legal or educational matter are particularly important.

CAPRICORN: It would be wise to investigate the legal implications of any financial arrangements made between June 29 and September 6. Responsibilities need to be clearly outlined. Greater personal responsibilities are likely to be assumed. Chronic health conditions could also cause a few problems during these ten weeks.

AQUARIUS: Your partner will be busier than usual until September 6. There are many extra things with which they need to deal, probably involving financial matters or an associate. Those Aquarians looking for a little romance will surely find it during this time. Children add a few complications to the lives of Aquarian parents too.

PISCES: You will have to direct more of your energy into the completion of routine tasks in the ten weeks from June 29. Your partner has their own problems so don't expect too much assistance. Domestic and property matters will consume a fair portion of this time. Expect action on June 30, July 1, 5, 6, 8-10, August 8-12, 18-20, 27-29, September 2-5.

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