Kingston Caravan Park makes new additions

Kingston Caravan Park managers Chad and Kristy Vanstone are excited about new additions to the caravan park. 

The improvements have included new wallpaper comprising a vibrant and colourful photo of the Kingston Jetty, taken by local photographer Mandy Dureau and installed by company Igvawa on the inside of the Caravan Park’s reception room.

Igvawa are responsible for setting up the theme around town “The Beach starts here”.

Chad and Kristy told the Leader that they have been getting a lot of positive feedback on the new addition to their wall and there was more on the way.

“We’ve got a few months yet before it gets busy to finish off a few more projects,” Chad said. “We’re looking to make it a bit more inviting for people and a bit more organised.”

Chad and Kristy worked with council to redevelop the reception room last year, and they are hoping to take more time this year to get all their new additions right for the busy period ahead. Chad and Kristy have been working on their outdoor setting at the park, replacing the barbecues within.

“We’ve painted the wall out there, we’re going to put in two brand new stainless steel barbecues in there and a TV at the end, allowing people to mingle around that,” Chad said. “The Wifi will be upgraded down there as well so people will probably be able to watch Youtube and Netflix down there too.”

Chad and Kristy are hoping to put in new stainless steel benches as well, adding that upgrading the camp kitchen has been one of their main focuses for this year in preparation for the coming months.

“There’s no games room here as such, so it will be good for people to be able to come in and watch TV and use the wifi as well,” Kristy said.

Chad and Kristy are excited about what lies ahead for them in the coming months, with the business “keeping them on their toes” while focusing on the new additions to the park, ensuring that everything is set to go before summer.