Nora Creina's Allan Cullen grows whopper cauliflower

Farmer and keen gardener Allan Cullen has been busy growing a massive cauliflower on his Nora Creina property, weighing in at 4kg.

While the near 85-year-old still does a lot of gardening, Allan told the Leader that the big cauliflower was a first for him.

“I just got a couple of variety packs and a couple of cabbages and so forth, I just put them in and this one just grew and grew and grew,” Allan said. “It was no different to anybody else but it just grew and never stopped growing.”

Allan grows all his own produce for himself, and is currently in the middle of growing potatoes, with 80 in at the moment. 

“I just end up putting them all in my garden. It keeps me out of mischief. Not sure why it grew so big, it is just one of those things.” 

Allan is planning to cut the cauliflower in half, giving a half to his son. Allan mentioned what motivates him to grow his veggies.

“I’ve been a fisherman all my life and I developed land in the process, I’m semi retired and I’m just concentrating on my gardening and looking after my property. 

“I’ve grown a few big tomatoes but I think that cauliflower is in my Guinness Book of Records. I had another four or five cauliflowers in but they were only half the size, it must’ve been a bit of a freak.”

Allan has his lively garden patch at the back of his house at Nora Creina, growing carrots, cabbages and cauliflower, broadbeans that are coming on well, as well as strawberries and tomatoes too to make his own sauce.

“We try to be self-sufficient. I think it’s a nice feeling to be able to pick your veggies and put them on the table straight away.”