Jacob 'Cobba' Nicholson achieves 200 games

The entire Robe Football Club congratulates Jacob 'Cobba' Nicholson on his fantastic achievement of playing his 200th game this weekend against Glencoe.

Cobba is a well-respected club member, and he deserves to be recognised for his dedication, durability, persistence, commitment, versatility, and stickability.

Of his 200 games, Cobba has not always started on the field; in fact very few times. This is not from a discipline issue or did not train issue; but purely and simply, he has had to start on the bench so that he could complete his team manager’s duties, as a result of last minute changes to the team, and making sure that the required off field support is in place.

Cobba arrived in Robe at the end of 2001 as the district councils  / Southern Region Coast Care Facilitator. Cobba started his career in 2002, after being recruited in the Robe pub on a Friday night when celebrating the end of a working week.

To his joy he woke up on Saturday morning to pouring rain, and freezing conditions for his first game against Tantanoola. Jacob has played his whole career at Robe, and is presently an important and regular reserves player.

Jacob is not only a valued reserves player; he is also a bloke who has a significant off field presence. Over the years he has been the club’s secretary for 7 years, assistant secretary for 2, a  social committee member and reserves grade team manager for 6 or so seasons.

There is not much that this bloke can’t, won’t, or doesn’t do. We liken him to a Swiss army knife, he really is a multi-functional tool, the ultimate wrench. (this is meant in a respectful way)

Along the way he has enjoyed winning various team and club awards, such as best team man, coach’s trophy, and the hugely respected Westley Loxton Club Award. This last award is given to the club person who makes a significant contribution to the running of our great club in any given year or over a period of time.

This says a lot about Cobba’s character, as does his nickname. Thanks Cobba for everything that you have done and continue to do for the club.

All Robe players, officials and supporters are proud of your achievement. We wish you all the best for today, hope that you enjoy your 200th game and the many more to come in the years ahead.