'Turn SA' work at Kingston Westcombe shed | PHOTOS

The group at ‘Turn SA’ ran a workshop at the Westcombe shed in Kingston over the weekend.

The men and women involved in the group get together for a three day weekend, turning all sorts of items.

Food was supplied for the group by the hotels, with each of the participants booking in to wherever was available. The men and women set up their machinery and products around the shed, allowing visitors to come in to walk around and ask questions about what they were making.

The participants were very friendly and were keen to share what they were doing, explaining to people the process they will follow to build products and what they are hoping the finished products will turn out like. The turning workshops are usually held in Lucindale, although they couldn’t this year because the hotel is currently closed until further notice.

Hence, they didn’t have enough beds or someone to put food on for all the participants.

Workshop organiser Heather explained why they brought it to Kingston.

“We brought it here to Kingston and it makes up of people from Tasmania, Victoria and South Australia, we usually have a pretty good weekend,” Heather said.

“We’ve spent the last five years doing it at Lucindale. The Turn SA club was originally at Wellington until they closed down and it was going to shut down all together.

“My husband Ray and I decided to pick it up and hold it at the Lucindale field days site.” 

When the Lucindale pub closed down, they had to find a new venue and the Westcombe shed in Kingston fitted the bill. 

“We thought that we might try and bring it Kingston and Barry Westcombe was nice enough to let us use his shed,” she said. “This is our first one in Kingston but our sixth one overall. Between Ray and I, we both run it.” 

There were 28 people working in the shed.

“It’s a nice group,” she said. “We will probably have more next year because we have plenty of facilities here and more places to stay. We had to keep it small in Lucindale because they couldn’t cope.”

The Turn SA participants get to the shed at 8 in the morning and start working, with Heather explaining that some of the stuff they make is ‘phenomenal.’ 

“They make all sorts of bowls and mugs, some of them make toys as well. Most of them sell their gear elsewhere, they take them home and sell most of the things they make. Each person does something different. 

“We’ve got a lady who does some knitting and fathers and daughters working together that travel around.”

The Murrayland Wood Turners work with Heather, supporting her and the team, taking the group under their umbrella from a insurance perspective if something happens to go wrong. The Lions club has also supported the participants, providing chairs and other essentials.

Heather explained how fantastic Barry Westcombe has been in helping the participants do the best they can with the facilities provided to them.

“Mr Westcombe has been a godsend, lending us the shed for the next few days. We’re also running a raffle and the proceeds from that will go towards the farmers that are suffering, we’ll choose a specific charity soon.”

The members of TurnSA would like to thank the Crown Hotel for supplying fantastic food and accommodation. Thankyou Tom, Amy and the team for all the work you put into making our weekend a success.

A big thankyou to Barry Wescombe for allowing us to use his shed,  without it there wouldn’t have been an event.

Everyone was impressed with accommodation at the Caravan Park and the Lobster Motel, excellent cleanliness and friendliness.

Some have already booked for next years event.

Three raffles were held with $460 given to Tom to add to the Farmers Relief Fund at the Crown Hotel.