Maddie Nunan begins fundraising projects

Robe local Maddie Nunan has started raising money for the ‘no rain ease the pain campaign’ at her school at Scotch College in Adelaide.

Maddie is planning on having a few sausage sizzles at school to raise money for the cause, and is also hoping to start a GoFundMe page as well.

Maddie is planning on running pajamas for the farmers instead of ‘parma4afarmer.’

“We’ll be having a day where everyone on campus will come in their pajamas and donate $5 each,” Maddie said. “That’ll be our biggest fundraiser.”

Fundraising for the farmers has been on Maddie’s mind for a while now, as she has grown up on a farm just outside Robe and understands how difficult it would be for those suffering.

“I approached a few people and asked ‘What do you think about this?’ and just went ahead from there,” she said. “Heaps of people are getting around it, and my parents are spreading the word in Robe too.

“The whole school have been really good too as a lot of the students in the boarding house are from farming communities."

Maddie has already had someone donate $1000 and has been receiving full support from the school, with everyone responding positively.

“Any amount of money donated is good, so we just need to do it and help them out as quickly as possible.”

Maddie is also finds motivation to fundraise through her friends who are going through the drought in NSW.

Maddie will be coming down from school on the weekends, raising money at the Robe Hotel through the Friday night draws, selling raffle tickets during happy hour. Maddie is encouraging others to donate to the ‘Drought Angels’ organisation to help farmers.

Visit this link to donate to ‘Drought Angels’: