Robe Roosters make it to grand final | PHOTOS

The Robe Roosters A grade came away with a thrilling win against Mt Burr in the second semi final at Kalangadoo on Saturday.

The Roosters have now won a spot in the grand final, in two weeks time at Glencoe against the winner of the preliminary final.

Mt Burr and Kalangadoo will be battling it out for a spot in the grand final in Nangwarry this week.

The Roosters were down at half time as Mt Burr got the jump on them early but came they out firing in the second half. The Roosters dug deep in the midfield, with some intense efforts from captain Johnny Agnew who put his body on the line on countless occassions, smothering the ball and making some game changing moves, helping to keep the boys in it.

Riley Dickinson was also prolific for the Roosters down back, rebounding constantly and taking imperative marks in the hole, also putting his body on the line with the support from his fellow backmen.

Of these backmen included Tom Rechner, who had been playing in the backline all day, until he took a strong grab within scoring range in the dying seconds of the game. Tom went back 45m out and was running into kick when the siren went as the game was all tied up.

The ball went through and the crowd and Roosters went absolutely wild in unison, with players mobbing the match-winner.

Final scores:

Mt Burr 2.2-14 9.5-59 11.6-72 13.10-88

Robe 3.1-19 5.4-34 11.9-75 14.10-94


Goal Kickers: J. Kelly 2, K. Cuthbertson 2, J. Pitt 2, J. Dawson 2, T. Rechner, Z. Deane, L. Crawford, C. Pitt, A. Everett, J. Agnew

Best Players: R. Dickinson, J. Wehl, J. Agnew, Z. Deane, A. Weir, C. Pitt


Goal Kickers: T. Renzi 4, J. Gregory 2, T. Redden, C. Puiatti, H. Crauford, J. Dowdy, H. Schultz, T. Hales, D. Ridley

Best Players: D. Ridley, T. Renzi, C. Puiatti, J. Wallis, J. Wallis, S. Wallis