Robe Roosters' senior colts to play Burr in preliminary final | PHOTOS

The Roosters’ senior colts will be taking on Mt Burr at Nangwarry in the preliminary final, starting at 11.10 am.

Last time the senior colts clashed with the Burr in round 14.

Robe 1.1-7 4.3-27 4.3-27 6.4-40

Mt Burr 3.2-20 4.2-26 6.4-40 7.5-47


Goal Kickers: H. Bigmore 3, B. Nicolle 2, T. Wilfred

Best Players: T. Wilfred, T. Emery, B. Nicolle, E. Dutton, J. Robertson, P. Matthews


Goal Kickers: F. Johnston 3, S. Altschwager, T. Allen, B. Gregory, R. Gamble

Best Players: T. Allen, R. Gamble, B. Scott, J. Muhovics, F. Johnston, K. Bowering