Robe Rooster senior colts and u'17s netball win | PHOTOS

The Robe Rooster senior colts and u’17 netball both won their preliminary finals on Saturday in Nangwarry, earning themselves a spot in the grand final at Glenco next week.

Senior colts preliminary final 

Mt Burr 0.0 1.0-6 1.1-7 1.3-9

Robe 2.6-18 3.8-26 11.11-77 12.11-83


Goal Kickers: T. Wilfred 3, L. Hurst 2, B. Nicolle 2, A. Weir 2, H. Bigmore, N. Enright, G. Dutton

Best Players: A. Weir, T. Emery, G. Dutton, T. Wilfred, B. Legoe, N. Enright


Goal Kickers: J. Wilson

Best Players: B. Scott, N. Hales, T. Vanderhorst, G. Wimshurst, J. Whitty

U’17  netball preliminary final

Mt Burr  35 def by 36  Robe