Cape Jaffa Lighthouse lens cleaned on Friday

The Cape Jaffa Lighthouse lens received a much-needed clean last week.

The lighthouse was lit up later on Friday night.

The lens was cleaned by Ian Clifford and Garry Searle. Ian serves on the committee of Lighthouses of Australia, regularly cleaning the Point Perpendicular lighthouse lens as it is lit each year for the International Lighthouses and Lightships weekend. Ian has cleaned lenses at Green Cape, Woolongong Head, Point Hicks, Kiama and Cape Byron. 

Garry is also a Lighthouses of Australia committee member and the author of the 2013 book "First Order: Australia's Highway of Lighthouses".

The Cape Jaffa Lighthouse features in his book, documenting the “extraordinary history of Australia's greatest lighthouses”. He has participated in the relighting of a number of decommissioned lighthouses.