Southern Rock Lobster season officially starts

Kingston and Robe fishermen have hit the seas again, with the Southern Rock Lobster season officially starting for 2018-19 last Monday.

Robe crayfisherman Warren Ludwig explained to the Leader how well he had been going so far, and gave an insight into the coming season.

“The prices will be pretty good all year,” Mr Ludwig said. “Last year most of our quota was caught around New Years...after that we caught the last 1100kg for $100.”

Mr Ludwig predicted that prices would be good if not better than last year, although he conceded it could never be certain how the season would pan out.

“The quota is fixed, so the buyers realise that they need get a share or they will miss out,” Mr Ludwig said.

The quota has once again been set at 1247.5 tonnes for the Southern Zone which is the same as recent years.

Mr Ludwig mentioned that everyone has their own game plan, with some liking to catch them early, while others like to hold off.

The Leader questioned Mr Ludwig about increasing fuel prices and whether it would encourage fishermen to catch their quota quicker.

“If you start worrying about the prices fuel and bait, you may as well not be doing it,” he responded.

Andrew Lawrie from Sky Seafoods in Robe expressed his thoughts, explaining how the season has been going so far.

“I think we’re in for another good year,” Mr Lawrie said. “We’re just hoping that it spreads out so that we can get a better average price.”

Mr Lawrie added that prices would vary depending on the demand, adding that the market in China had been good.

“The fishermen love to meet their quota before the New Year, although it’s wiser these days to get a better price by stretching it out a bit further. The demand for crayfish has been just as strong as last year.”