Kangaroo Inn Area School students awarded at 2018 presentations

Kangaroo Inn Area School celebrated the end of the 2018 academic year last Thursday night with their annual Presentation Night .

Representatives from Uni SA, community organisations, including the Beachport and Robe Lions Club and the Rotary club of Millicent, Wattle Range Mayor, Des Noll and the families of old scholars attended and presented awards to the deserving students.

Dr Chris Waite and his piano and ukulele students and the KIAS Choir, under the guidance of Ms Amy Williams, entertained the students, staff, families and guests.    

Principal, Annie Matthews reported that the feedback about the night was positive with one parent commenting that this was the best night yet.

“We are so excited to share the achievements of our students and celebrate the end of another innovative year of  learning at Kangaroo Inn Area School,” Mrs Matthews said. “Presentation Night is an ideal opportunity to showcase the work the students have done during the year and thank  the staff, students and community for the ongoing support and  involvement in our school.” 

Kangaroo Inn Area School award recipients

Woodward Primary Citizenship Award: Charlotte Cutrale

Principals Award: The Yr 9 + Pre / Rec / Yr 1 Recycling and composting  project

Millicent Rotary Club Award: Laura Chester

Mayoral Award: William Fry

Uni SA Westley Loxton Strive for Life Award: Sian Brooks

McEwen Citizenship Award: Ben Bayliss

Dunsford Incentive Award: Madison Whitehead

JW Andre Excellence in English Award: Overall winner – Sian Brooks, Secondary Winner – Joelee Humprhries, Primary Winner – Harris McGrath

Honorable mention – Primary: – Grace Andre, Riley Beggs, Elicia Murotto

Honorable Mention – Secondary: – Terrence Wilfred,  Natalie Hansberry, Wes Redden

Agricultural Awards: Cattle Handler - Joshua Kellock, Sheep Handler - Wesley Redden, Silver Spade - Year 11 Vineyard Team, Goat Handler - Lucy Kellock

Excellence in Agriculture: Millie Smith

Athlete of the Year Award: Jasmyne Bellinger

Australian Defence Force Long Tan Leadership and Teamwork Awards: Joshua Kellock, Sian Brooks

Governing Council Award: Liam Mills

Class Awards 2018 

Rec / Yr 1: Fred Andre – Creative ideas, persistence and encouraging others. Sienna Varcoe – Persistence leading to growth and achievement

Year 2,3,4: Olivia Beggs – Persistence and confidence in writing. Hope Bowman – Enthusiastic attitude towards all learning and acting positively on feedback

Year 5/6: Georgia Ballantyne – Positive application to learning and peer relationships. Connie Ryan – Achievement and positive attitude towards learning

Year 7: Ryan Tonkin – Engagement and increasing confidence in learning

Year 8: Airlie Freer – Academic excellence and determination to succeed

Year 9: Georgia Featherstone – Achievement and positive attitude to learning

Year 10: Bri Thorpe – Academic excellence and determination to succeed

Year 11: Natalie Hansberry – Confidence and willingness to embrace new learning experiences

Year 12: Ben Bayliss – Academic achievement and support of school values