Kingston SE Tourism proud of brochure result

The Kingston South East Tourism brochures officially arrived this week, and tourism members are rapt with the final product.

Fifty local businesses have backed the project by advertising in the brochure.

Pauline Williams from Kingston SE Tourism and Kingston’s Williams Newsagency explained to the Leader why they went with the specific design that resonates with the town theme, ‘The Beach Starts Here.’ 

“We wanted to bring it back in line with what council has been promoting with the new colour and ‘The Beach Starts Here’ theme,” Pauline said. “The design was the work of a couple of our members and Geoff McRostie who has been a great help.”

Pauline said the tourism group has updated the brochure with items such as the heritage walk as well as other general details that have changed throughout the town over the last two years since the last one was released.

“We were lucky, we got 50 businesses that have supported it which we are really grateful for and without them we wouldn't be able to go ahead and have a brochure,” Pauline said. “That’s really important that we get that kind of support.

The first page of the brochure has an introduction into Kingston and what the town can offer visitors, including safe beaches, tourism facilities, a range of sporting facilities, variety of parks and gardens, as well as the different types of boutique shops, cafes and local produce available.

Kingston tourism’s final product also includes a description of eight different self-guided tours visitors can take, discovering Kingston’s history and how the district has developed over the years, simply following the maps within the brochure including a map of Kingston, Cape Jaffa and the new council heritage trail.

The brochure will also guide visitors to the unique experiences Kingston has to offer, including where to find the different beaches, cycling tracks and walkways, where the best fishing spots are including directions to the local boat ramp facilities, as well as a guide to local businesses servicing the needs of visitors. They  include different accommodation venues, places to eat out, local wineries and more.

The tourism committee would love to hear any feedback the community has, with Pauline explaining that feedback was always good, regardless if it was positive, negative or indifferent, as it will help members in designing the next one.

“The new brochure has the same concept as the last but we try to make sure that we have put all the correct local places in there, a lot of businesses change,” Pauline said. “The changes in the town is the one thing we’ve tried to keep up with so that we are putting in the most up to date information.”

Pauline emphasised how happy the members are with the brochure and that they urge the public to make an effort to support the local businesses in the brochure.

“Keeping the local businesses going in Kingston is really important to us,” she concluded.