Kingston District Council update on boat ramp

The Kingston boat ramp continues to operate smoothly after reopening late last year.

The ramp had been closed for more than 12 months because of issues relating to the build-up of sand and seagrass before reopening in November.

Kingston District Council CEO Andrew MacDonald has provided the Leader with an update.

“Once that was cleared there was a fair bit of excavation work inside the main channel, pulling out sand, and that’s been done,” Mr MacDonald said. “We have been monitoring that over the Summer period to make sure that it does not block and our contractor has been in there on a couple of occasions doing a bit more work.”

Mr MacDonald added that council’s contractor is on the southern side of the groin located on the beach, excavating more sand to create a buffer.

“The buffer will obviously stop the sand moving around the top of the groin so we don’t have to bother getting into the channel itself to clear it,” he said. “So they will work work on that buffer over the next week or so, digging out sand, pushing it back and just making sure we are in a good position so that when we move into this Winter period when the sand typically moves, we’ve actually got somewhere for the sand to go other than just up the creek.”

The CEO and manager for assets and infrastructure David Worthley have been communicating with the chair of the Upper South East Rec Fishers Association in Graham Usher, with Mr MacDonald explaining that council have successfully been able to keep the association and commercial fishermen in the loop.

“That has been our primary channel as well as on our council Facebook page,” Mr MacDonald finished. “In terms of feedback from the fishermen we have had very little.”

Kingston District Council Mayor Kay Rasheed also spoke with the Leader, who explained that council is relying on the fishermen to let them know if there are any problems getting their boat launched.

Mayor Rasheed said the fishermen will notify council if there is any sand in the area or in the creek so that council can send someone in to remove it and resolve any issues.

“We haven’t had too many issues at the moment and it all seems to be going pretty smoothly which is really good news,” Mayor Rasheed said. “Everyone around the town is really happy with the fact that both the boat ramps are open now.

“The other day I went down there and there were 55 boat trailers at the boat ramp here in Kingston, so it is certainly being well utilised which is great to see.”

Mayor Rasheed said that council has been really successful in keeping the boat ramp in check, adding that the town is looking to be as busy as it ever has been.

“Whether that has something to do with the fact that people have come down because they can go fishing, I don’t know, but it has been a really successful Summer,” she said.

The mayor emphasised that council has a great relationship with the USE Fisher’s Association.

“Before the boat ramp was officially open, we were communicating with them frequently, sending them emails, messages and whatnot just letting them know where we were and what the situation was,” Mayor Rasheed fished. “As soon as it was open, we communicated with them, saying that it was open.”

“Everything seems to be all good with that side of things.”