Robe's Front Beach access ramp complete

The Robe Front Beach access ramp has been completed, and the council is pleased with the result.

The new ramp has met with the disability compliance council followed and the beach has also become easier for young families to access.

Robe District Council CEO Roger Sweetman explained there were minor alterations to the beach ramp plans, although the project had turned out exactly how council wanted it to.

The CEO went into detail about the new and improved ramp, and the purpose of the newly developed rock wall.

“What the ramp does provide is a compliant access to the beach in relation to disabled compliance...that was the main compliance issue that we had for the design of the ramp,” Mr Sweetman said.

Mr Sweetman explained how the access points had been improved.

“Previously, the two accesses to the beach were very steep, weren’t very wide and had a big jump off area at the end because they didn’t meet the sand,” he said. “Now we have got safe, convenient access to the beach for people and if we ever need to get onto the beach with heavy equipment, we can do that.” 

The CEO added that council had to undertake sand replenishment every autumn, previously having to build a temporary ramp out of sand.

Mr Sweetman explained that council had to get the Coastal Protection Board’s approval for the ramp, as the plans were approved by the Coastal Protection Board before council commenced work.

One of the board’s requirements in relation to building the rock wall was to withstand a one in 100 year storm event.

“Now, how climate change impacts that we don’t know,” he said. “It may not withstand the one in 100 year storm event, but based on the information that we had at the time, it will.”

The CEO said there were storms throughout the winter last year and the rock wall held up well.

“Previously the old rock wall was falling apart in front of the bowling club, which would have resulted in perhaps damage to the bowling club in the future,” Mr Sweetman said.

The council has received some excellent feedback from the public on the completed project.

“We believe it looks very attractive but it is also serving a very good purpose,” Mr Sweetman said. “We have had very good comments from the community and visitors about how easy it is to access the beach especially young families with prams and young children.”

Council will be considering what improvements are needed at the public toilets over the next couple of months. 

“Hopefully there will an upgrade of the public toilets or construction of the new public toilets depending on what council suggest and that will then tidy up and enhance that whole area,” Mr Sweetman said. “It is one of the big drawcards of our town during the summer and it has been extremely busy down there this year.

“There’s a lot of people on the beach and people on the foreshore so we need to be able to cater for those people with good public toilets.”