Herbalife Nutrition Foundation Bike Ride to be in Kingston

The Herbalife Nutrition Foundation (HNF) Bike Ride will be riding through Kingston during the sixth edition of their fundraising trip in 2019.

24 riders and 22 crew members have been training for the event, and their expectations are to raise tens of thousands of dollars to help kids in need.

The initiative is run by Herbalife Nutrition, involving Independent Members who work to raise funds for the Herbalife Nutrition Foundation which is a non-profit organisation that helps children in need. The foundation has raised more than AUD $350,000 since 2014.

Herbalife Nurition Foundation are asking the public to watch out for them as they ride through various towns within Victoria and South Australia, as they are looking to inspire more people to join in in the years to come. HNF Bike Ride will be riding from Saturday February 2 to Thursday February 7 this year, as they are leaving from Torquay Victoria, dedicating their time to help improve children’s lives through health and nutrition project initiatives.

The riders will be arriving in Kingston on February 4,  and will be visiting the council caravan park from 1pm-3:30pm. The riders will ride through towards Adelaide before crossing the finish line once they arrive on February 7.

HNF supports over 130 Casa Herbalife programs in more than 50 countries in assisting them in providing healthy nutrition to vulnerable, as they serve the daily nutritional needs of tens of thousands of children around the world through annual grants to NGOs and charities that cater to vulnerable children.

The Company has been running since 1980, with the foundation being on a mission for nutrition, as their objective is to change people's lives with great nutrition products and programs.

Additionally, HNF often supports relief efforts in response to natural disasters.

Herbalife Nutrition also encourages investors to visit its investor relations website at ir.herbalife.com as new information is posted.

For more information on the organisation, visit www.herbalifenutritionfoundation.org