Herbalife Nutrition Foundation cyclists visit Kingston

The Herbalife Nutrition Foundation (HNF) Bike Ride stayed in Kingston for the night as they arrived on Monday afternoon during their 5 day bike riding journey to Adelaide from Torquay in Victoria. 

The team of riders left Torquay on February 2, arriving in Kingston on February 4, stopping off for the night at the Kingston Caravan Park.

The riders will cross the finish line within Adelaide on February 7.

24 riders and 22 crew members trained for the event, with the team riding for a great cause every year, annually raising thousands of dollars for kids in need.

The initiative is run by Herbalife Nutrition, involving Independent Members who work to raise funds for the Herbalife Nutrition Foundation which is a non-profit organisation that helps children in need, and the foundation has raised more than AUD $350,000 since 2014.

Herbalife Nurition Foundation road through various towns within Victoria and South Australia during their journey to Adelaide, inspiring more people to join up in future years while connecting with the community.