Herbalife Nutrition Foundation complete cycling journey

The Cycling team at Herballife Nutrition Foundation have just completed their cycling journey to Adelaide after visiting the Kingston Caravan Park on Monday.

The team of riders left Torquay on February 2, arriving in Kingston on February 4, stopping off for the night at the Kingston Caravan Park.

The 24 riders and 22 crew members crossed the finish line today in Adelaide, raising 1000s of dollars for children in need.

The initiative is run by Herbalife Nutrition, involving Independent Members who work to raise funds for the Herbalife Nutrition Foundation which is a non-profit organisation that helps children in need.

Herbalife Nurition Foundation road through various towns within Victoria and South Australia during their journey to Adelaide, inspiring more people to join up in future years while connecting with the community.

Bike ride organiser from HNF Kerrie Bowie said that to arrive in Adelaide today after a long journey on their bikes was ‘amazing,’ as they rode 840km after leaving Torquay.

“The weather mostly was favourable for the riders this year which is really great, because we had a few newbies and a couple of injuries, and the supportive tail winds really helped them get along,” Kerrie said. “Sunday was horrible with heat, but everybody did a magic job.”

Kerrie mentioned that the team experienced some rain on Wednesday in Strathalbyn, adding that the ride was more of a mental challenge than a physical one.

“We were up at 4am every morning or even earlier and then on the road at 5,” she said. “We got an incredible crew looking after us making sure we stay hydrated, make sure we are getting all of the proper Herbalife nutrition in to our bodies, to support our bodies for such an epic physical journey.”

The organiser also said that it was ‘awesome’ to see the riders come from all over Australia as well as New Zealand.

“A lot of them never met each other before and it is one great big family now, which is fantastic.”

Kerrie said that her favourite part of the ride was finishing it.

“To be honest, it is seeing people push their limits and seeing the friendships grow,” she said. “Everybody looks out for each other, encouraging and supporting one another.

“For me, that is the best part of the whole event and then second to that, having so many supporters promote it and get as much money as we can for the kids because ultimately that is why we started this event.”

Herbalife Nutrition Foundation works extremely hard to help all sorts of children from all kinds of backgrounds all over the world.