Kangaroo Inn Area School's new teachers

Kangaroo Inn Area School have three new teachers this year in Ebony Haebich, Tom Gibbs and Graham Goodman.

Ms Haebich and Mr Gibbs spoke with the Leader about where they’re from, what they are looking forward to about the year ahead and what their students will be learning about this term.

Mr Gibbs mentioned that he was thrilled to have secured a contract at Kangaroo Inn Area School as a secondary teacher this year, moving from the Adelaide Hills to Penola.

“I finished uni in 2018 and just came straight down here to get a job and I’m loving it here.”

The new graduate also explained how he will be getting involved in the community this year, mentioning that he will be playing football for Penola Football Club in the KNTFL. He added that he is looking forward to getting involved in the community in his new rural setting, also mentioning the subjects he’ll be teaching at KIAS this year.

“I’m teaching a wide range of things like Humanities, Science and P.E, however we’ve just been getting to know each other in the first few days.”

Mr Gibbs said that the students have been undertaking cellular research in Science with him, working with positive and negative numbers in Maths, and in P.E, they have been focusing on their athletics for KIAS annual Sports day in week 5.

“We have also got Interschool Sports Day in week 8 and I am coordinating our school sports day with Angela Leopold which is cool,” Mr Gibbs said. “I’m really enjoying the community and enjoying the rural setting, the kids are great and I’m really looking forward to what is to come for the year.”

Ms Haebich is from the area and has also joined the Kangaroo Inn Area School staff as a secondary teacher. The new graduate said that she couldn’t think of a better place to start her career, adding that she is settling in very well.

“The staff have been very welcoming and the students have been fantastic,” Ms Haebich said.

Ms Haebich said that she is looking forward to getting involved in the community more, mentioning that she has recently joined a local netball club. She also spoke about why she decided to get into teaching, also explaining what she will be teaching this year.

“I got into teaching because I have a passion for helping young people achieve their goals,” she said. “I’m teaching History, English and Agriculture.

“In Ag, we are going to get some chickens this term, follow a local crop and we’re also going to be working with sheep for the Show.”

The new teacher is keen to learn more about agriculture in the local area, speaking with the local families, farmers and other people in the industry to do this.