Kangaroo Inn Area School release calendars

Kangaroo Inn Area School is looking promote the school to the wider community through various projects including picture calendars which will be released annually.

The school has just completed the calendars for this year, promoting activities it has been running at the school.

KIAS principal Annie Matthews explained that the calendar project has been driven by the governing council as part of a marketing and promotion strategy. Parent members have formed a sub-committee which will work alongside the governing council to promote the school to areas far and wide.

“They have got a lot of plans to really promote our school and show the wider community the great programs our students are involved in,” Ms Matthews said. “The first part of the plan was to create a calendar based on the school activities from 2019.”

The governing council decided to give each school family two copies of the calendar, one for the family to keep and the other to share with other people in their community.

Ms Matthews explained that this was a great way to showcase the activities and projects the school is currently undertaking.

“We have had a lot of positive feedback from families and community members about our calendars so we are looking forward to continuing that each year,” Ms Matthews said. “We have got lots of other plans to promote the school to do with signage and various other activities which will be determined by the parent group during the year.”

The school encourages the community to keep a look out for further projects yet to come.