Kingston Early Learning centre start their term

Kingston Early Learning Centre director Linda Troeth has outlined some of the activities the centre has been running in the early stages of the year and how the staff have helped settle the new children in.

Ms Troeth said the centre ran a new pre entry program last year, giving the children the opportunity to do a six-week pre entry program, coming to the centre for two hours a week, preparing them for the following year.

“That has really settled them in and they have come to kindy already knowing what kindy is about because they were already here with last year’s kindy kids.”

The director said the children have walked in feeling like the place is theirs, which she felt was fantastic. Ms Troeth said the activities the staff are running are based around the children themselves.

“We are doing activities about them, so we are wanting to know who they are and we are getting them to bring photos in of their family and getting them to draw their family as well as talk about their family.”

The children are also talking about their likes and dislikes and learning everyone's names, with Ms Troeth explaining that this term is all about ‘me’.

“It’s getting them to talk about themselves which has been really good so that we can all get to know them.”

Ms Troeth mentioned that the centre has 22 children this year, and will have to employ another staff member if the centre takes on another child.

The director also explained what the centre’s new transition program is, adding that they had their first transition session from kindy to school on Friday.

“We are running a new program this year where every second Friday morning we will be running the kindy at the school so that is going to be our transition for the whole year,” Ms Troeth said. “The school has worked really well with us and they have given us a new area to set up in.”

The children will also have a library session during each school visit, learning about the process behind borrowing library books. 

“We will get to work closely with other classes and we will buddy up with the year 6s and they will get to know their buddies so that when they start school the receptions will be buddies with the year 7s so they will know those kids.”

Ms Troeth explained what has changed within the centre since last year, explaining that staff have revamped the inside of the centre, putting in a new mat and a new reading area.

“We’ve had a new water pump be put out in the yard so that the kids are able to pump it themselves and all that has been purchased through fundraising that governing council have done so thanks to all the people who have donated money to us to buy that.”