Life saved thanks to Robe Medical staff

Bill Millane from Horsham is thankful to be alive after the staff at the Robe Medical Centre saved his life when he and his wife were holidaying in Robe recently.

Mr Millane's story began at Horsham where he was working on his house before deciding to take a couple of days off work to relax and enjoy some time off, travelling down to Robe with his wife for a getaway.

The two arrived at the caravan park in Robe and as soon as they backed the caravan in, Mr Millane collapsed, with his wife ringing the Robe Medical Centre immediately.

The staff from the medical centre and paramedics arrived at the scene, quickly analysing his condition and taking Mr Millane straight up to the centre, with Limestone Coast Health GP Dr David Senior diagnosing Mr Millane's condition as a Pulmonary Oedema. 

Mr Millane explained to the Leader how he felt while all this was all happening.

"My lungs filled up with fluid and my heart couldn't pump it away, so I was dying," Mr Millane said. "It was just lucky that they got there in time and did whatever they did to push the fluid away to where they could get it out, then they took me from there to Kingston Hospital and from there they flew me to Flinders Hospital and I was in there for 9 to 10 days to smooth it all out."

Mr Millane and his wife went to see Dr Senior at the Robe Medical Centre this week, with the couple explaining to Dr Senior that it was important for them to travel down to Robe and thank him personally for the work he and his staff did to save his life.

"I just thought they deserved fair recognition, people have a go at paramedics and nurses, doctors but I thought it does not hurt to give them recognition every now and again," he said. "I thanked Doctor Senior for saving my life and he said 'Well it is our job, so to speak'."

Mr Millane believes that the staff at the centre "went over and above what is expected of them," explaining that he felt no one would expect to be saving someone's life like that in a small town like Robe.

"I just let him know how appreciative I was that he has kept me going," Mr Millane said.