Robe and Districts Community Bank's Deanna achieves cert 3

The awards have been flowing this week for Robe and District Community Bank branch staff member Deanna Moreland, having recently received her Certificate III in Business.

Formerly from Mount Gambier, Deanna began a school-based traineeship in 2018 with the Community Bank as a student from Lucindale Area School.

During Year 11 she heard about the possibility of traineeships through her school coordinator.

The organisation MEGT, which assists and supports local employers, apprentices, trainees, job seekers and students to get the most from their Australian apprenticeship programs, got in contact with the Lucindale Area School with the aim of connecting these students.

Deanna was offered the opportunity to participate in an interview process, which helped determine what she was looking for in a job and what skills she was hoping to gain.

MEGT then matched Deanna up with suitable positions to apply for, one being the traineeship at the Robe and Districts Community Bank branch.

Deanna started her job in Robe in February 2018. She went to school to study her Year 12 subjects Monday to Thursday, and ended her week as a trainee customer service officer with the Community Bank branch.

Branch manager Tracey Long and her staff provided on-the-job training for the customer service officer position. Limestone Coast Training would then meet up with Deanna on a monthly basis to mark of her assessment modules and send them away for approval as part of her Cert III business course.

Deanna was able to complete her assessment modules by using the experience she gained in the new job.

Deanna has enjoyed working for the Community Bank branch. With no customer service background, the job has allowed her to gain confidence and skills in dealing with customers at the front counter and over the phone.

It has given her a great exposure to working in a team environment, where she has fitted in well with staff members due to her easygoing and friendly nature.

Summer in Robe is always busy, and Deanna was able to pick up more hours at the branch as a casual and a part time job with Charlie's Surf School.

She is now continuing her banking career in a 12 month contract as a customer service officer, and has even joined the local Robe Netball Club being keen to meet a few more locals.

So what does the future hold for Deanna? Looking forward, this aspiring young woman would like to go overseas to do a bit of travelling and perhaps dabble in a bit of foreign conservation work.

On her return, Deanna is still interested in going to university to study agribusiness management or something similar in field.

In 2020, the Robe and District Community Bank branch will be offering another fabulous traineeship.

It will be open to all Year 12 students at Kingston Community School and Kangaroo Inn Area School. For all enquiries, phone the branch on 8768 1855.