Karla Dew's new role as Director of Children's Services

Robe's Karla Dew is excited about the challenges in her new role as the director of children's services at Robe District Council.

Ms Dew will be starting her new role on May 6 following the retirement of Robyn Paterson whose official last day will be on May 10.

The new director spoke to the Leader about all the responsibilities to the state government and department of education she'll be taking on board as the new director.

"There will be more responsibility for me to the council to be answerable to as the director although my day to day running at council is going to be much the same," Ms Dew said. "I already have a number of conversations with parents and leadership with staff."

Ms Dew mentioned the steps she took to become qualified for the director's role, explaining that she began taking these steps once her own children had finished childcare, becoming more involved and qualified in doing so.

"With my admin background, I've moved on from working on the floor to administration and now onto the director's role," she said. "I'll be learning the ropes and going forward I'll be having more of the training and team leader days so that we can make plans for the year's strategic plans."

The new director will continue to keep the parents and community updated.

"We will continue to run updates in the community newsletter, and we have a newsletter that goes out to our parents every term which keeps them updated with any changes...we keep a pretty open line of communication with parents and the community," Ms Dew said.

Ms Dew explained how council is still working on CCOWS main ongoing project, developing a new nature based playground in the outdoor area at the RSL, enhancing the children's play space, also adding how much background knowledge Ms Paterson has been able to pass on to her.

"There are some big shoes to fill...she has left me with a lot of information very well written out for me in clear so I know what she's left me will be in immaculate condition...she has brought so much to Robe - we are really lucky," Ms Dew finished. "It will be a challenge, but it will be a good challenge - we have got really good team leaders and staff that are really supportive."

At this stage, Childcare on Wheels (CCOWS) will continue with the same structure, in Robe five days a week, Beachport one day a week and Kangaroo Inn Area School one day a week.