19th Kingston Offshore Boat and Fishing competition | PHOTOS

A great number of catches were weighed in for the 19th Annual Kingston Offshore Fishing Comp.

There were some challenging weather conditions over the long weekend, although that did not stop competitors landing some big fish in each of the categories during the comp.

President of the Kingston Offshore Fishing Comp, Harry Lyon thanked the following during the final presentation held on Sunday.

"Thank you to kitchen for teas, bar staff, committee members, volunteers and Kingston Football Club and competitors for efforts and continued support of this event," Mr Lyon said. "Thank you to all our generous sponsors.

Mr Lyon thanked the comp's major sponsors in Landmark Kingston, Caltex Kingston and affiliates SAFTA, Swampys Marine and Tackle, Crown Inn Kingston, Pope's Home Timber and Hardware, Alpha Industries, South East Marine and Motorcycles, Naracoorte Toyota, O'Halloran Ag Marine, JT Elements and Cape Jaffa Wines.

"Also thankyou to Kingston District Council for their ongoing support and efforts to keep Cape Jaffa and Kingston boat ramp launching facilities open," Mr Lyon continued. "Thank you also to the additional 43 silver and bronze sponsors - please have a look at the list of our sponsors on the competition brochure or website and where possible support their businesses whilst in Kingston."


Prizes awarded for the following categories in addition to the lucky boat and fish draw and fish raffle;

One Day Wonder

Snapper Proline One, Skippered by Robert McCarthy 10.902kg

Whiting Abalone, Skippered by Nigel Densley 1.452kg

Garfish Far Cat, Skippered by Steve Schinckel .300kg

Tuna Jackpot Heaviest Blue Fin Tuna

NONE Caught

Wooden Spoon (New Trophy donated by USE Rec Fish)

Random Draw of boats that caught nothing over 2 days.

Green Bath, Skippered by Ian Johnson

Mullet/Tommy Ruff, overall heaviest over 2 days

2nd #8 Whopper Stopper - Graham Schroeder 0.324kg

1st #60 Beatswork - Hayden Tink 0.343kg

Flathead, Overall Heaviest over 2 days

2nd #44 Go Go - Mark Gibbs 1.474kg

1st #38 Upsized - Shane Cross 2.287kg

Shark, overall heaviest over 2 days

2nd #14 Lynmaur - Lynton McInness 17.1kg

1st #38 Upsized - Shane Cross 19.2kg

Garfish, total weight over 2 days

3rd #6 Double Trouble - Ross Eldridge 0.591kg

2nd #50 Man Child - Toby Kemp 0.678kg

1st #65 Boys Down South - Daniel Farrugia 0.814kg

Garfish, heaviest individual catch

#65 Boys Down South - Daniel Farrugia 0.174kg

Whiting, total Weight over 2 days

3rd #7 Mistress - David Symonds 2.439kg

2nd #30 Viking - Greg Hamilton 2.968kg

1st #1 Black Adder - Hugo Lyon 3.663kg

Whiting, heaviest individual catch

#1 Black Adder - Hugo Lyon 0.953kg

Snapper, total weight over 2 days

3rd #59 Fish Hunter 2 - Trent Bettes 20.371kg

2nd #57 Totally Hooked - Tim Bagshaw 20.766kg

1st #48 Black Betty - Jordan Richards 21.089kg

Snapper, heaviest individual catch

#55 Karnkendi - Stuart Grigg 5.007kg

Overall - most outstanding catch

Major prize awarded to the most outstanding combined catch:

#48 Black Betty Snapper

99% of the total catch average, of last 3 years. Calculated from snapper, garfish and whiting categories.

Next year marks the 20th year of the competition. To stay up to date with all things Kingston Offshore Fishing Competition follow on Facebook, Instagram and subscribe to their mailing list.

For more information visit www.kingstonoffshorefishingcomp.com.