Robe District Council's Michelle Gibbs accepts service award

Robe District Council administration officer Michelle Gibbs accepted an award for 30 years of service at the May meeting.

Robe District Council CEO James Holyman congratulated and thanked Ms Gibbs for all her hard work on council.

"Obviously in today's organisations, 30 years of service is a significant contribution, particularly these days when you look at the millennials who spend on average 1.3 years at any job," Mr Holyman said.

The CEO spoke about where it all began for Ms Gibbs on council, explaining that she started as a typist on Robe District Council in January 1989, before filling the position of administration officer in February 2005 and finally into planning as the administration officer.

"This was 14 years ago, and it is interesting to note that in that same year she made that change, Google Maps was invented along with Youtube - these are the things that we have come to rely on these days like the skills and attributes that Michelle brings to council," Mr Holyman continued.

Ms Gibbs became council's development officer in July 2013, with Mr Holyman explaining that she has shown a passion for this role, achieving a certificate four in local government planning and in 2010 with a diploma of local government.

The CEO listed some of Ms Gibbs other contributions, mentioning her work through council's health and safety committee and how she has managed the cemetery records for several years.

"In a town where the community has many and varied voice this is a challenging role, and Michelle has been efficiently and effectively navigate through issues to help assist us in shaping the look and feel of Robe," Mr Holyman finished.

Ms Gibbs was presented with an award for 30 years of service on Robe District Council by mayor Alison Nunan and CEO Mr Holyman.