KCS receptions kick off term 2

The KCS receptions were busy making Mother's Day gifts during class last week.

The students planted pot plants for their mum, first decorating and then filling their pots with soil before planting a flower.

The children have been watering them to help them grow in the lead up to Mothers Day.

This experience has helped them learn about the basic needs of a plant and how important it is to for the plant to grow in healthy soil.

The children made Mother's Day cards as well, using coloured paper to decorate and design the front of their cards, sticking on coloured paper before spraying the paper with water, allowing the paper to bleed onto the front of the card, developing a colourful design.

Reception teacher Kathryn Lawrie-Read has also been focusing on the book The Little Red Hen this term with her students.

The story is about a Little Red Hen who finds a grain of wheat, asking fellow farmyard animals to help her plant it but they all refuse to help her.

The Little Red Hen continues to ask for help from the other animals during each stage of harvest but they all decline her requests. The Hen finishes harvesting before asking the animals if anyone will help her eat the bread.

All of the farmyard animals volunteer to eat the bread, but the Little Red Hen refuses before explaining to them that they didn't help her grow the bread, so she kept the bread for herself, teaching the other animals a valuable lesson about working as a team.

The students were able to interpret the moral of the story and make up their own mind on what they would do if they were in the Little Red Hen's position following the final stages of harvest.

Outside of reading stories, the Receptions have also been setting their learning goals.

If they continue to work towards their goals while showing improvement, they receive a sticker to place on their 10 frame chart.

Once the receptions reach the 10 sticker mark after achieving the goal they've set, the students receive a certificate from KCS principal Lucretia Tocaciu before starting over, selecting another goal for themselves to achieve as the term goes on.

The reception students have continued their play learning concept in the mornings at different stations around the classroom in term 2, reaching a point where they can work independently and efficiently organise themselves to find which station they need to be at during play learning time.

One of the things the students have learnt about during this time is the progression of an egg hatching, as they have eggs in the science room within an incubator that they have been watching closely.