Robe/Kingston Elders real estate agents win

Two Robe Elders Real Estate agents came away with major awards this month at the annual SA and NT Elders Real Estate awards.

Robe/Kingston Elders real estate agent Grant Schubert was awarded top agent and rural sales person for the state, and third in the country, while Geoff Saunders of Robe/Kingston Elders was also awarded the top residential sales person in South Australia.

Mr Schubert and Mr Saunders were recognised for various reasons, chosen based on time on market appraisal price to where it finished up, vendor feedback, involvement in the local communities and working as a team in their working environment.

The awards were given to the most sound employee, showing characteristics of trust and responsibility, as well as someone who shows a strong sense of accountability in the workplace.

Robe/Kingston Elders has sponsored many organisations throughout the community over the last financial year, including many of the sporting clubs around town, and there have been several community events during the year that Elders have been involved in.

Mr Schubert said it was a "surprise" to receive the award once again, after being awarded with it two years ago.

Mr Schubert mentioned Mr Saunders' achievements and the "fantastic" work he's done within Robe and Kingston as well as all the great feedback he receives.

"Geoff has done a fantastic job - we often get vendors and purchasers writing in emails and letters to thank him for his service and everything he does," Mr Schubert said.

"I thanked the Elders team in the South East when I received the award - we have had such a strong network and team who work in a very professional manner."

The award-winning real estate agents said they could not do their work without the support, professionalism and hard work from their fellow staff members being Rachael Kennett as the Robe Elders branch manager as well as Grant Schubert's personal assistant and property manager Emma Vasek, also mentioning how excellent their team has been in Robe and Kingston.

"We are only as good as the other staff who are behind us," Mr Schubert finished.