KNTFL final zone team announced

The KNT team for this weekend's zone carnival has been finalised.

A team of 23 - including six players aged under 21 - have been selected along with an emergency.

The carnival will be hosted by the KNTFL at Naracoorte.

Senior and under 17.5 matches will be played at Naracoorte on Saturday, with the under 14 and under 15 "Glenelg carnival" at Kingston on Sunday.


1 Josh Searle (Btown)

2 Josh Currie (Penola, U21)

3 Reagan Tink (Btown, U21)

4 Scott Merrett (Penola)

5 Daniel Obst (Pad)

6 Matt Tonkin (Kyby)

7 Fraser Adams (BD)

8 Alex Brown (KLU)

9 Josh Vandemeer (Pad)

10 Brad Bryant (Pen)

11 James Hinge (Mun)

12 Nick Mosey (Mun)

13 George Johnson (Keith)

14 Brad Mitchell (Ncte)

15 Lachie Jones (Luc, U21)

16 Ray Jaensch (Pad)

17 Henry Tregoweth (Luc, U21)

18 Graham Hampton (BD)

19 Jack Armfield (King, U21)

20 Tyler Baker (King)

21 Blake Dodson (KLU, U21)

22 Daniel Skinner (BD)

23 Rory Tink (Btown)

Emergency - Luke Kelsh (Luc).

Coach - Nick Murphy

Assistant and runner - Zack Donnelly

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