New festival coming to Robe in 2020

Robe Golf Club will be hosting a brand new festival to town showcasing Robe's lifestyle next January.

'The King Neptune Feast' will be organised through Robe Events and will include Robe's well-known food, wine and entertainment, promoting that side of holiday making in Robe, with the event taking place on the night of Friday January 17.

The festival will involve a team of locals who are well-known locally in their field, with Adam Brookes from Stonies Kiosk head of food, Derek Hooper from Cape Jaffa Wines head of wine and beer and Geoff Prest from the Robe Caledonian Hotel head of entertainment.

Robe Events are aiming for 150 people at the event in order to strongly showcase the accommodation, food and wine as well as the other attributes of Robe that make the town special including the region's fishing industry.

Organiser Jamie Aitken from Robe Events explained to the Leader what has given him the idea to create this festival and his motivations in doing so.

"After seven years of the Robe boat and fishing show having a successful run, I wanted to freshen it up and do some different and interesting things so what I decided to do was to reshape the 'Robe boat and fishing show' to the 'Robe boat, fishing and leisure show.

"This allows us to bring in more accommodation, outdoor home decoration and renovation as well as wine and food to the festival," Mr Aitken said.

Mr Aitken said he will be running the Robe boat, fishing and leisure show over Friday and Saturday, with the 'King Neptune Feast' taking place on the Friday and signifying the first big evening event that will lead into a great weekend.

Mr Aitken also spoke about the different seafood that the festival will showcase, displaying to visitors what they can look forward to.

"We'll be having snapper, whiting, abalone and so forth, and hopefully get a lot of coverage with the food and wine," he said.

"Geoff has already picked the entertainment, Adam is currently putting together a menu, and Derek is selecting our wine and beer."