Robe Lions Club induct new member Mayor Alison Nunan

The Robe Lions Club has attracted a new member to their club and is extremely proud to announce that Mayor Allison Nunan was inducted into the club on Friday night.

Her club sponsor is past president Dave Thomas.

While Alison is now a member of the club in her own right, she has also been given the status of an affiliate member given that her mayoral and work commitments make it difficult for her to attend regular meetings and club activities and to fully participate as an active member.

Alison has committed to supporting the club and its community service initiatives and is excited about strengthening the bond between the club and Robe community.

Since Alison was elected as the mayor of the Robe District Council, she said she has become much more aware of the work being done by the Lions club in the town and was surprised to have learnt that a club with just 21 members can be involved in so much community work.

During an earlier toast to Lions International and the local Robe Lions Club she also commented on the fact that even though the new Lions club was just 10 years old this year it had donated over $200,000 to a wide range recipients and Lions programs, internationally, nationally and most importantly to the Robe community.

"That is $20,000 a year and that is simply money that we wouldn't get from elsewhere," Mayor Nunan said.

The Lions organisation is heavily committed to a range of medical research foundations such as vision, diabetes, skin cancer screening and measles eradication world-wide. It is well known for its involvement with hunger, disaster relief and environmental issues, and Alison is excited about learning more about the organisation.

Lions Australia has become Australia's largest service club, as there are currently over 1200 clubs in Australia as well as Papua New Guinea.

Lions are friends, family and neighbours who share a core belief they stick to to benefit their own communities and help out wherever they can: "Community is what we make it."