Kingston District Council's community surveys a success

Kingston District Council is pleased with the response it has received through its community surveys.

The surveys centred around council's 2019/20 annual business plan and budget, with the community having the opportunity to answer the survey as well as leaving a comment to express their opinion on council's plans.

Mayor Kay Rasheed was impressed with the response to the surveys, with a pleasing 500 replies.

The mayor spoke to the Leader about what the community's major concerns were, based on the feedback council received.

"The coastal issues were a major concern - tourism and marketing was another thing that a lot of people thought could be improved on," she said. "Lack of childcare was another that came through, so they were the major things."

The mayor explained that the jetty, the Maria Creek boat launch facility, Cape Jaffa and the erosion problems in Kingston were the community's major concerns.

"Rural roads was another major concern from most of the replies that came through from rural council ratepayers - that was to be expected and that was the major issue they had," Mayor Rasheed said.

Kingston District Council's 2019/20 budget major projects include the Kingston Main Street Stimulus Project that will look to make Kingston's main streets in Agnes, Holland and Hanson Streets safer, greener and more accessible.

This project is expected to cost an estimated $1,337,000.

In 2018/19 council secured $1,002,750 in external funding in support of the project, including $668,500 from the Commonwealth Government's Building Better Regions Fund, with construction planned to commence in late April 2020 and expected to take 12 weeks.

Public consultation on council's 2019/20 annual business plan and budget concluded last Friday, with council receiving just three written submissions from community members.

The submissions will be considered by council in preparation for the adoption of the 2019/20 annual business plan and budget, which will take place at a special council meeting at 3pm next Tuesday.