Wild weather impacts Robe marina

Wild weather tormented most of the state last night, and the Robe marina is one of the many places slowly picking up the pieces.

Yesterday's gusts at Robe were powerful enough to force three boats on dry moorings onto their sides, along with countless other wind related damage.

Robe resident Lonny Peel's photos of the carnage have travelled far and wide on social media.

"The weather definitely hit the coast hard in the afternoon with heavy rain, strong winds and dark skies," she told the Leader.

"The power went out and the word in the street was there was boats down in the hard storage area, and the roof of the fish processing plant had been shredded.

"When I got there it was all hands on deck, council workers, tradies and locals all pitching in. Looks like an intense pocket ripped through."

Robe District Council CEO James Holyman said the storm caused a lot of damage, but plans were quickly put in place to clean up the mess.

He said the main issue the council was keen to address was the potential hazard caused by diesel entering the water.

"The main issue for us was to make sure the diesel was taken care off. We are using sand filled bundings to prevent the spill from potentially spreading further," Mr Holyman said.

Most importantly, Mr Holyman said the boats were currently secure and no replication of yesterday's event would occur.

Although the boats are safe, they still remain on their sides and the only way to raise them is to bring in a crane to lift them upright.

Mr Holyman said with wild weather still forecast for the area, the council will need to take a cautious approach to allow the operation to go smoothly.

"We are currently waiting for the weather to pass before we start to bring in the cranes to move the boats," Mr Holyman said.

He also mentioned the boats weren't the only objects to be damaged by the wind gusts, with a fish factory also receiving the full force of the storm.

"The nearby fish factory also lost part of its roof during the wild weather, along with other small objects being blown around during the storm," Mr Holyman said.

Mr Holyman said at this point in time, the council will closely monitor the weather conditions before making a decision when it comes to cleaning up the damage around the marina.