Robe Rooster junior colts win MSE grand final | PHOTOS

The Robe junior colts defeated the Tantanoola Tigers in Mount Burr today to win the grand final.

Robe defeated the Tigers by 67 points, with Robe's Oliver Haggett receiving the John Seebohm trophy for best on ground.

Final scores were:

Robe: 2.2-14 4.6-30 8.7-55 12.10-82

Goal Kickers: M. Keane 2, D. Nunan 2, J. Dutton 2, R. Bigmore 2, K. Carter, M. Robertson, J. Ciabattoni, C. McMullan

Best Players: O. Haggett, J. Murch, F. Peel, D. Nunan, M. Keane, N. Barr

Tantanoola: 1.2-8 1.2-8 1.3-9 2.3-15

Goal Kickers: B. Lawson, B. Rowe

Best Players: B. Sandow, P. Jennings, A. Lindner, E. Cushion, C. Kelly, A. Clarke

Meanwhile in the senior colts, the Robe Roosters went down by 10 points against Mount Burr on the Mozzies home turf.

Tom Vanderhorst from Mount Burr was best on ground and received the Allen Jenkin Medal.

Final scores were:

Mount Burr: 0.4-4 1.7-13 6.11-47 8.12-60

Goal Kickers: T. Vanderhorst 3, J. Wilson, F. Johnston, K. Bevan, B. Scott, J. Muhovics

Best Players: T. Vanderhorst, T. Allen, J. Muhovics, D. O''Callaghan, J. Wilson

Robe: 2.3-15 4.4-28 5.5-35 7.8-50

Goal Kickers: H. Bigmore 3, R. Legoe, J. Laurie, G. Dutton, H. McInnes

Best Players: P. Matthews, H. McInnes, J. Laurie, H. Bigmore, O. McInnes, J. Robertson