Close encounter with Great White Shark at Cape Jaffa | VIDEO

Robe local Adam Brooks and two of his mates had a close-up look at the power of a Great White Shark while fishing near Cape Jaffa last week.

Fishing 30km away from Bowdens on a "cracking" spring day with the water clear and no wind, Adam and his mates Alex Agar and father and son fishermen Rob and Bob Doland set out on their boat 'Mr Bob Tangles' for what would be a memorable day on the sea.

The boys started their fishing session well, landing their first schoolie for the day, and before long, Adam's friend Alex, a fisheries officer from Victoria, hooked something big.

Alex was reeling in what the boys thought was going to be a large catch, but by the time it had arrived at the boat, only the head of a gummy shark remained. Adam estimated that the whole shark would have been 20-25kg before it was bitten in half.

Suddenly, the boys noticed something break the water near their boat. It wasn't long before they could clearly see that it was a Great White, and they put two and two together and that was probably where the other half of their gummy shark went.

Adam estimated the Great White was 3-3.5 metres long, describing its behaviour as "fairly placid" and "inquisitive" while it was checking out their boat.

"He sort of came up and nudged the motor a little bit," Adam explained. "We thought he was pretty interested in our burley basket."

The shark circled the boat for about an hour, Adam explaining that he and his mates were in awe of it.

"It was a bucket list sort of thing that you don't normally come across," Adam said. "We spent a bit of time taking a few photos and getting plenty of footage - it was a clear sort of day, there was no sort of aggression towards anything - he was super placid."

The local fisherman described the Great White as an "amazing" animal, mentioning how special it was to finally see one in the wild after 20 years of fishing.

"It was hard to tell exactly how big it was with the water magnifying it as well, but it looked quite young," Adam explained. "It had a bit of a go at the anchor when we brought it up...there were a couple of times where it would take off...they're super quick in the water."

The fishermen didn't catch anything while the shark was around, with Adam explaining that he and his mates eventually drove off, with the Great White moving on and going its own way.