Nominations in for Robe District Council elected member position

Three people have nominated for the open elected member position at Robe District Council following the departure of long term councillor and previous mayor Peter Riseley.

Ross Kilner, Mark Baker and Brenton Lynch-Rhodes have all nominated for the position, with nominations closing at 12 today.

Nominations opened on Thursday September 26, with council also holding a briefing session on Tuesday October 1, giving candidates the opportunity to understand what the role as an elected member entails, also including the responsibilities they will have to council throughout the term.

The ballot paper draw will take place at 4pm today in Adelaide, with council also sending out the ballot material to electors over a week from Tuesday October 22 to Monday October 28.

Voting will conclude at 12pm on Monday November 11, with council announcing the new elected member on the same day.

The nominated candidates also submitted profiles, outlining what changes they would like to see through the council and how they would like to contribute if selected.


Brenton Lynch-Rhodes

I am passionate about the environment, community and aged care.

If elected to council these are a few of the initiatives I would like to become involved in. Strategic planning of the industrial commercial area allowing for future business growth.

The development of a retirement, lifestyle village, enabling families to stay within the community. A standalone, sustainable power grid, networking existing solar, along with other methods including potential wind and wave technology.

I have no vested commercial interest and if elected to council my only interest is in maintaining and improving on what we already enjoy in Robe.

I come with a background in engineering, project management, and more recently small business and tourism.

I am passionate about seeing sustainable growth for Robe in the environment, financial and community sectors.

I am approachable and open to discuss any concerns residents may have on 0403867901.


Ross Kilner

For those that don't know me, I am sure you have looked up and seen a Tigermoth vintage aircraft joy riding tourists around town for many years now.

From this perspective, I have watched Robe expand and grow. I would like this opportunity to represent residents who feel there is a need to maintain a balance between making Robe the perfect holiday destination while respecting the town's origins.

If elected, my main goals on council will be to support and promote attractions during the quiet months while creating benefits for the town derived from the peak period.

Mark Baker

I have been a resident in Robe for 37 years, have four children and live with my partner Marsha Chappel.

I have operated two businesses employing local people. My current civil construction business has had a long involvement sigh local government over the last 30 years, contracting to numerous local councils where I have gained a unique insight into council operations, which I feel would be valuable in the role of a councillor.

I have been involved with a number of community groups, beginning with the CFS in 1983, Robe council, councillor, Robe Primary School governing council, Robe Motor Sports, president of Robe Junior Football committee, 12 years on the Robe Community Bank Board including 5 years as chairman.

I have sponsored and supported various Robe community events. One of my goals would be to see the Robe council become carbon neutral.