Hot temperatures, fire bans across South Australia

Hot burst of spring weather across South Australia

Scorching temperatures will hit South Australia tomorrow, Thursday, October 23, as the first major burst of heat moves across the state.

The Bureau of Meteorology has forecasted hot to very hot and dry northerly winds which will hit fresh to strong and gusty before a cold front begins to make its way from the west.

As of 4pm, total fire bans have been declared for most of the state including the Mid North, Eastern Eyre Peninsula, Lower Eyre Peninsula, Yorke Peninsula, West Coast, Flinders, North West Pastoral, Mount Lofty Ranges, Kangaroo Island and Lower South East regions.

Country Fire Service state duty commander Yvette Dowling said people should follow fire ban guidelines to minimise the risk of fire.

"We also want to remind farmers if you are out harvesting to make sure that you're abiding by the harvesting code of practice," she said.

"Also, if people have been burning over the last couple of weeks can they please make sure they are checked and extinguished in the areas where there are total fire bans."

It is also predicted there will be areas of raised dust through the western districts, the Flinders and parts of the North East Pastoral which could impact regions across the state.

State Emergency Services chief of staff Derryn Halliday said the dust could cause a number of problems for people with medical conditions such as asthma and other lung conditions.

"As we have seen previously over the past couple of months, the dust creates limited visibility on the roads so we ask people to be extra vigilant on the roads, make sure they have suitable stopping distances, and where necessary pull over to the side of the road to let the dust pass so they can proceed safely," he said.

The cooler change will beginning in the far west and should cover South Australia by late evening.

There is a strong wind warning for marine waters in the Upper West Coast, Lower West Coast, Central Coast, South Central Coast, Spencer Gulf, Gulf St Vincent, Investigator Strait and Adelaide Metropolitan waters.

There will be relief on Friday, with temperatures dropping back to the high teens or low to mid 20s before it begins to rise again at the start of next week.

High winds

There will be high risks as strong winds could add to fire risks on Thursday, but continued strong gusts could present another danger in coming days.

Winds will continue to be strong and gusty with warnings of sea and swell offshore reaching 5-7 metres on Friday and Saturday.

There will be chance of showers and thunderstorms in areas across the state over the weekend.

On Monday temperatures will begin to rise from cool to mild, then on Tuesday, October 30 it will be warm to hot ahead of a late change in the west.



Ceduna - Thurs 38, Fri 21, Sat 20, Sun 22, Mon 31, Tues 36

Wudinna - Thurs 40, Fri 20, Sat 21, Sun 25, Mon 31, Tues 37

Pt Lincoln - Thurs 36, Fri 18, Sat 18, Sun 19, Mon 21, Tues 29

Whyalla - Thurs 39, Fri 23, Sat 20, Sun 19, Mon 26, Tues 33

Pt Augusta - Thurs 41, Fri 26, Sat 23, Sun 24, Mon 31, Tues 36

Port Pirie - Thurs 39, Fri 23, Sat 21, Sun 22, Mon 27, Tues 33

Clare - Thurs 36, Fri 18, Sat 17, Sun 19, Mon 26, Tues 32

Maitland - Thurs 37, Fri 20, Sat 20, Sun 21, Mon 26, Tues 33

Nuriootpa - Thurs 36, Fri 18, Sat 17, Sun 19, Mon 25, Tues 31

Renmark - Thurs 39, Fri 24, Sat 22, Sun 23, Mon 27, Tues 33

Murray Bridge - Thurs 39, Fri 21, Sat 20, Sun 21, Mon 28, Tues 34

Kingscote - Thurs 29, Fri 17, Sat 18, Sun 18, Mon 21, Tues 28

Victor Harbor - Thurs 35, Fri 18, Sat 17, Sun 18, Mon 21, Tues 29

Bordertown - Thurs 38, Fri 18, Sat 17, Sun 18, Mon 23, Tues 31

Naracoorte - Thurs 37, Fri 17, Sat 16, Sun 17, Mon 21, Tues 29

Robe - Thurs 28, Fri 16, Sat 15, Sun 15, Mon 17, Tues 25

Mt Gambier - Thurs 35, Fri 16, Sat 15, Sun 16, Mon 19, Tues 27

NOTE: This forecast was taken from the Bureau of Meteorology as at Wednesday, October 23, at 12pm.

Fire bans

For more information on fire danger season and total fire ban days visit the Country Fire Service website on

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