Kangaroo Island Racing Club says 2020 KI Cup Carnival more important than ever after bushfires

2019 SeaLink Cup Carnival.
2019 SeaLink Cup Carnival.

The Kangaroo Island Racing Club is getting the word out that the the KI Cup Carnival will go ahead after the bushfires.

Club president Mark Turner has written to the Thoroughbred Racing South Australia reassuring the KI races will go ahead.

The 2020 SeaLink Kangaroo Island Racing Carnival featuring the Dudley Wines Kangaroo Island Cup takes places on Thursday, February 20 and Saturday, February 22, 2020.

The racing club meanwhile will host its Racing at the Cygnet meeting this Saturday, January 25. The first race starts about 1pm.

The racing club committee is hoping for a big turn out and that the event can be a chance to locals to enjoy themselves after the ongoing bushfire disaster.

The club decided to go ahead with the race meet after reviewing the fire conditions and deciding it would be good for the Island's economy and morale.

"You would be aware of the disastrous bush fires that have occurred on our Island home over the last three weeks," he wrote.

"With the tragic loss of two lives, many homes, thousands of sheep, cattle and businesses, we are looking to rebuild our Island community to where it was prior to these fires.

"While the agriculture industry will take time to repair itself, another important part of our economy is the tourism industry.

"The Kangaroo Island Racing Club's three days of racing incorporating the Cup Carnival, which in itself is the single biggest event held on the Island each year bringing together the local community and strong tourism alike.

"We want to everyone to know that KI still has significant parts of the Island that have not been effected by the fires and there are lots of things for tourists to see and do, including our fantastic racing carnival.

"The race course was not affected by the fires and is looking in the best condition it ever has with the addition of new outside running rails, horse race from track into the mounting yard and new place getters stalls.

"Our overnight horse stalls were used to assist in housing local islanders horses who were in imminent danger from the fires.

"The committee of the club at an out of session meeting have decided to donate any profits generated from our 2019/2020 racing season (less normal operating cost) to our Kangaroo Island Mayoral Relief and Recovery Bushfire Fund.

"Donations to the fund will go where they're most needed and will assist the local economy as the money is poured back directly to those in need.

"We would ask if TRSA could assist in letting the racing industry know we are still operating as usual. Our Trainers and Jockeys Challenge will continue again this year as will our major sponsors free transport for all trainers, strappers, horses and floats continue on the boat across to the island.

"We would also appreciate if TRSA could review any charges that we incur and see if any of these could be reduced if at all possible. We understand we do receive our race day grants but we are looking to maximise any funds we can put back into the local community."

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