Mitchell grabs another win

Mitchell grabs another win

A group of 40 players braved the unusual summer weather as drizzle paved way to cloudy skies after 40mm rain which should be of great benefit to the golf course as the club heads into Southern Ports Golf week.

Only six ladies took to the course and with the new handicap system in place with maximum handicaps for women now at 54 and the gents at 45, Rachel Ingerson's score of 39 points was by far and away the best.

She wins some wine and one hour of labour from sponsor Shaun Watts Electrical.

This should be welcome as her husband Peter is also an electrical contractor around town, so Rachel should be able to get those small jobs done that Peter has been promising to do!

Thanks goes to Shaun and Tanya Watts for supplying the trophies on the day - the club needs these sponsors every week and the club appreciates their generosity so please support local businesses.

Joan Tiver won three balls for being runner-up in the ladies, NTP and Littles Coffee while Kaye Walker won a ball for the Boolapuckee Buster.

There were some good scores for a change in the men - perhaps it was a liking for the softer conditions.

Ben Rowntree won balls for nearest the pin and the Alyeska.

Other nearest the pin winners were Peter Zacker, Rob Chalmers, Craig Lewis and Phil Dodsworth.

Mike Atwell started the day well to win the straight drive, donated by Higgo.

The dreaded Caltex Clanger was hotly contested with sponsor of the day getting a mention with a number of airies, much to the delight of his playing partners.

Bt this week's orange ball goes to Alex Walters - this bloke is a perfectionist even down to tying his shoelaces and grooming his hair and wearing the latest fashion (he is in the rag trade.

Alex proceeded to have his first shot, as usual a perfect baby draw about 240 metres straight down the middle, he was quite pleased with himself as he tootled off down the first, but before he reached his ball the engine of his cart started to misfire before stopping.

Upon further inspection it was discovered that you must put petrol in these carts once in a while, so off to the service station, holding up the field he goes.

Suffice to say this was the end of Alex's day with quite a few wipe out holes after his misnomer.

Winning balls were Darrell Gaunt on 36, Pat Ryan on 37, Peter Zacker on 38, Trevor Starling and Sam Gardner on 38, with Dwain Bastians on 39 on a count back missing the winning prize getting a ball.

The winner of the day was Mitchell Angel on 39 points - well done to this young chap as his golf is improving and his handicap is coming down.

This Saturday is the Kevin Wright Plumbing trophy, stroke and putting with Pat and Trevor starting.

Southern Ports Golf Week

From February 21 to 29 the Kingston, Robe and Beachport Golf clubs will be running a week-long event made up of a 54-hole championship, foursomes and mixed events for all handicap ranges, with men's and women's A, B and C grades.